Mission & Vision


The vision of BCS is to provide an educational experience for your child that will be:

Rich in RELATIONSHIPS (God and Others);
Rich in RESPONSIBILITY (Leadership and Academics);
Rich in RIGHTEOUSNESS (Faith and Character)

At Birchwood Christian School, our mission is to ensure that your child will encounter a Christ-centered worldview through intentional Biblical integration into all areas, enabling students to grow in relationships, academic excellence, faith, and character.

It is the philosophy of BCS that:

God has given the parents the primary responsibility for the education of their children; the school functions as an extension of the home. Deuteronomy 6:4-7
Children need consistent Bible-based instruction from parents and teachers to develop Godly character and wisdom, and to live joyful, productive, and purpose filled lives.
We are a faith-based, mission minded educational environment geared to meet the needs of families who are seeking a distinctively Christian education for their children.
Because we are passionately committed to preparing young people to engage our culture and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will only be enrolling students with a positive Christian testimony and lifestyle.

It is the philosophy of BCS that:

Educate our students in truth based upon God's Word.
Educate our students through relationships and service by attending the needs of others through outreach to the community and by developing relationships with others based on servant leadership principles.
Educate under the authority principle that students operate under the God-ordained authority of their parents, pastors, teachers, coaches, etc.
Educate with discipline by teaching students the disciplines of life through study, character building, and service to others.
Educate in love by creating an atmosphere of motivation and encouragement in their relationships with God, and each other.
Educate our students in faith based action by teaching them to follow Christ, discover truths and principles of the Word of God and living by them daily.
Educate in unity with truth. We believe that all truth is God's truth so the unification of knowledge should be taught in relation to all subjects.

For Enrollment At BCS We Require:
That every student commits to being a positive contributor to our educational and spiritual environment.
That every student and at least one parent regularly attend a church that is in agreement with fundamental Christian doctrine.