MIDDLE SCHOOL: 6th, 7th, 8th
Our middle school program is the bridge between elementary and high school. Here students continue learning basic skills and develop additional study habits necessary for serious academic work in high school. Our program helps young students explore and develop their academics, athletic and artistic skills in a Christian environment. The middle school program is departmentalized, providing instructors the ability to teach in their areas of expertise, at the same time, offering a rich variety of academic and practical learning opportunities during daily "periods". Conscious of the spiritual capacity of middle school students, all subjects are taught from a Christian perspective to foster their individual spiritual growth. During these years it is essential that they are influenced by strong Christian teachers and leaders for as many years as possible.

6th-12th Grade Standard Academic Grading Scale:
A: 90-100
B: 80-89
C: 70-79
D: 60-69
F: 59
I :  Incomplete 
  • *Incompletes are designed for students in grade levels 6-12 and must be made up within two weeks of a quarter's end.  An Incomplete grade will be changed to F if assignments are not completed within the 2-week allotted period. 
  • *Grading for students in grade levels 6-12 shall be weighted according to the following: 60% of a student's overall grade shall be comprised of scores from tests, quizzes, formal essays, formal student presentations, or cumulative projects. 40% of a student's overall grade shall consist of scores from homework, participation, or extra credit.  
  • GPA– Grade Point Average  Semester grades will be recorded on transcripts and used to calculate GPA. This will be used to determine academic honors and activity eligibility.  A-4.0 B-3.0 C-2.0 D-1.0 F-0.0
  • Junior High Honor Roll High Honor Roll  GPA 3.5 - 4.0 Honor Roll   GPA 3.0 - 3.49 D's or F's in any quarter disqualifies
  • SYCAMORE: (Online grade book) Parents are encouraged to monitor student progress and current grades through SYCAMORE. Daily and weekly assignments and grades will be posted regularly.